Avoid these mistakes if you are arrested in New York!

Regardless of the charges, getting arrested could be a stressful experience. Your arrest can derail your life ahead, and it should be your topmost priority to hire a criminal lawyer, so that they can work on your defense strategy. Even if you are guilty, you deserved legal representation. King Law in Rochester, NY have some of the best-rated criminal defense attorneys working for them in the area, and you can always ask for a free consultation. Check the lawyer’s online reviews to gain a sense of how good they’re rated and what their case results are. People, sadly, often make serious mistakes when they are facing arrest, and that often impacts the outcome of the case filed against them. Here are some of the common mistakes that you must avoid if you are arrested in New York. 

  1. Don’t resist arrest. If you find that police officers have come looking for you, don’t run away from the scene. Resisting the arrest will only mean having additional charges pressed against you, and if things are bad, you may have to deal with these police officers directly. If the officers have to use force, you may end up with injuries. Make sure that you are calm at the time of arrest. 
  2. Don’t say anything. During or after your arrest, you should avoid giving a statement to the arresting officers. You have the right to remain silent in such circumstances. The police may tell you to share your views or story, promising that this is in best interest of your case, but don’t give in.  Because you are quiet doesn’t mean you are guilty. 
  3. Don’t discuss the case with anyone. It may seem okay to talk to a friend or family member about the case, but avoid that. Make sure that only your attorney knows important details, especially when you know that these facts can impact your case and eventually help the prosecution. 
  4. Don’t put anything on social media. Make sure that you don’t post any content or photo related to your charges or arrest on social media. The prosecution will want to find more details that can help their case. 
  5. Don’t delay in calling an attorney. You have to hire a top criminal defense lawyer for your case at the earliest. While hiring a lawyer is your call, taking a chance in such circumstances is never recommended. A good lawyer knows what it takes to get the best possible outcome, which may even mean reduced bail and charges. 

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