Content Marketing Secrets that nobody wants to tell

Content marketing is a new way to communicate with an audience because it involves the magic of words backed by images or videos. Content marketing can be used to promote or build a brand’s reputation by establishing relationships with consumers just like Affordable SEO services (More info, which is the term in Thai).

With the help of social networks, one can build a long-term relationship with their clients using creative and attractive material. There are some things that many do not know about content marketing and cannot achieve their goals because of it. Today we are going to share three tips that are rarely mentioned, to get quality content.

As there are thousands of content uploaded daily or perhaps millions, but only some of them receive a lot of traffic, the reason is that they miss the most critical aspect of quality content. Therefore, when writing content, do not forget to focus on titles, images, emotions, marketing, and currency. Make sure that when reading, the reader of the content visualizes the words, by paying attention to these things, and you can get more visits.

Sticky And Curious Headlines (No Clickbait)

Creative and attractive headlines can generate traffic to a website if a user finds it relevant. If our site appears in the results, even if it is not in the first place but has an appropriate and attractive headline, the user will click on that website first.

A headline must indicate the main idea of ​​all the content so that the user can know what it is, how important it is, and why it is worth reading. A headline is the main reason why a user clicks on an article rather than another because it creates a desire in the heart of a user to deepen more in its content.

The images that attract the most attention of the reader are children and animals.

The content should not only contain words, as readers will lose interest and bounce on that page; By adding an attractive or unique image, one can make the reader interested in the content. The images that attract the most attention of the reader are children and animals since these are the things that readers always love.

A 3M study says that the visual represents 90% of the data processed by the brain compared to the text. And the most surprising thing is that the images are processed 60,000 times faster by the brain.

And the statistics collected by  HubSpot are noteworthy.

Internet users respond 40% better to visual information than simple text.

Visual posts produce more interaction than simple text on Facebook.

The main decisive factor to trust a company is the design of its website, according to 46.1% of people.

One will generate 15 times more traffic to your web page with the help of infographics compared to simple text.

Generate Emotions

We can generate emotions in the readers with the help of our words and content. Some contents can bring joy to our face; some can bring tears, and others can set our bodies in motion. We can get emotional guidance help where marketing professionals play with the excitement of consumers after knowing what emotion causes what action.

When preparing the message that will cause emotions, it is essential to follow the points mentioned below:

  • The message should be shorter because readers are not good at remembering large messages, they only remember concise messages
  • Then, identify what kind of emotion you want to generate in the audience, fear, fear, or happiness.
  • Check what kind of emotion messages you are generating.
  • Then find the appropriate images that complement it.

  • Alice Leroy

    Agatha Correia Pinto, a social media strategist, shares actionable tips and strategies for successful social media marketing.

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