Ease the hectic job of Consular document notarization

It is always a hard job when one files documents to consulates and embassies. It is because if the fact that consulates and embassies scrutinise the documents most carefully because they rather not Grant you permission because of stringent laws. But if your documents are notarized beforehand the officers at the consulate tends to give you some amount of leniency. But getting notarization done on a foreign document from the concerned consulate country is no easy job also. This what you can do in this situation is that you can hire Consular document notarization ( รับรองเอกสารกงสุล , which is the term in Thai) services. Like if you take the example of Thailand, there are different types of translation service providers who provide document notarization services as well.

Get notarization done from first choice translation services in Thailand

In Thailand there are many translation service providers who provide consular documents notarization services but among them first choice translation services are the best. The first choice firstly helps you with getting your legal documents translated but then now they also provide you with notarization if legal documents as well. The first choice has a dedicated team if public notary who after due consideration and scrutiny notarize your official documents. These certified notaries help you to get clearance from the consulates in no time via their legal notarization services. The first choice also helps in providing documents translations as well.

How does the first choice work on the notarization facility?

So if you are in Thailand and looking to get your legal documents submitted to the Thailand consulate for consideration, then better to do it with prior legal notarization on the documents. And if you are looking fir the best notarization services in Thailand, then first choice translation services should be your first choice in this regard. The first choice acts on a 50% advance basis that is you need to pay half the fees beforehand once you submit your documents with them for notarization and once they complete notarization you need to pay the rest and get your notarized documents delivered. To know more about their services and other services pay a visit to their official website.