FEATURE Entrepreneur Interview With Atta Pilram

Q & A Interview

Q1: How does one define the word “entrepreneur”?

A1: An individual who takes “action” on his “imagination”.

Q2 What character traits do you consider the very best entrepreneurs posses?

A2: Constantly thinking, imagining, dreaming but always action oriented.

Q3: What specific set of skills should an ambitious entrepreneur have having, or perhaps be while developing?

A3: I greatly consider myself to become a business owner. Within my personal point of view, you should be capable of share your opinions and take part in brainstorming with other people, ask for the opinions of individuals you respect, keep a balanced view. And, learn the skill of selection by elimination.

Q4: How have you get began on the road to entrepreneurship?

A4: I will always be each day-dreamer and that i love story-telling, but my first conscious effort was after i put my imagination in writing through writing and painting. Photography is yet another means by that we start to exercise the strength of vision.

“An important facet of entrepreneurship is visualization as well as an capability to make what’s seen or sometimes unseen, accessible.”

Q5: Can entrepreneurship be trained?

A5: Yes it may be trained, but to understand it’s a different story. Entrepreneurship really is easy – “imagining” things, “discussing” individuals ideas, after which taking “action”. This is usually a cliché, but it’s really in keeping with be a business owner is really a condition of mind, if you’re able to “imagine” and therefore are “willing” to “communicate” regarding your “ideas” then you’re midway there.

Q6: Would you mentor women and men on entrepreneurship?

A6: Yes, I’m presently mentoring at UCSF’s business course “From Idea to IPO”. I help physicians, publish docs along with other visitors to invoke their creativeness and demonstrate to them a procedure to enable them to produce a seem “plan” for his or her business idea.

Q7: Could it be required for a business owner with an Master of business administration or can a person achieve an advanced of success through a mix of other attributes?

A7: I don’t believe getting an Master of business administration is essential, but the entire process of obtaining a Master of business administration is extremely useful. For many people, an Master of business administration is really a ticket to a more satisfactory job or position and that is one door opener to achieve other skills that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible.

Q8: Would be the needs for today’s entrepreneurs diverse from ten years ago?

A8: In my opinion there are other good reasons to be a business owner now than ten years ago. Previously the finish reason for entrepreneurship was mostly centered on the financial reward. Despite the fact that finance continues to be part of the process, the social facet of entrepreneurship has become the driving pressure. The problems are not the same than about ten years ago plus they touch everybody not only regionally but globally.

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