How To Translate Documents For Immigration Purposes?

If you have a plan to move to another country, you need to translate your immigration documents, if they are not in that particular language. Many reliable translation companies provide English documents Translation (แปลเอกสารภาษาอังกฤษ, which is the term in Thai) for your immigration document translation. This type of translation can not be translated by an individual. You need to take the services of authorized translation companies that have high-tech software and tools for translation purposes. These companies are certified to translate all these types of documents. And they have an organized and disciplined team for the translation process.

Documents Need to be translated for immigration:

Any paper required by the immigration of that particular country must be converted into English. Here is the list of essential documents that need to be translated for immigration purposes if they are not in the English language.

  • Birth certificate most essential document for translation.
  • Bank statement
  • Police report
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce certificate if you were previously married.

Every document mentioned above needs to be translated by the highly qualified translator because each and every detail of these documents is necessary. If a single detail is being missed by mistake, then the whole process can be rejected by the immigration department.

How Do Translators work For The Immigration Documents?

The translators are responsible for translating a single detail of the document to avoid any inconvenience. If some text has been blurred by a blot or a tear and the writing is no longer grammatically correct, the translator will put a note on the interpreted copy explaining the issue at the exact same location as the illegible writing on the full document. If the translaion not done in the proper way then your paper will return back to you and you need to tell you translator to re-translate the paper so that everything accurately represents the text found on the source document.

You need to select a translator who is dedicated to customer satisfaction and who is highly skilled in the two languages you need to interpret.