Personal Branding: The Lighthouse Branding Model

Increasing numbers of people are speaking about the significance of personal branding, in career searching as well as in career development. Effective personal branding not just enables you to stick out in the crowd to employers and recruiters, it may also improve your employment by communicating your value like a leader and team player for your organization.

What’s personal branding?

Personal branding is the procedure of identifying the initial and differentiating value that you simply provide a company, team and/or project and communicating it inside a professionally memorable and consistent manner throughout how you behave, both offline and online, to any or all current and prospective stakeholders inside your career.

The Lighthouse Personal Branding Model

The lighthouse is a superb model for breaking lower the branding process into four key steps: the building blocks, the beacon, the tower and also the beam.


Your foundation is the unarguable strengths and experience of your selected area. To recognize your personal foundation, write lower the strengths that differentiate you against the remainder and get your buddies, family and colleagues/managers to complete exactly the same for you personally. Find out the top 3 to 5 overlapping strengths that offer the career direction you need to pursue.


Your beacon may be the memorable and consistent communication of the strengths and experience. Now that you’ve got identified your foundation, you’re ready to make your beacon by locating a word or phrase that is representative of these strengths and may become the perfect brand. Create a short pitch that may follow your brand, describing your strengths in greater detail. Make sure that your word or phrase is flexible and may change together with your direction.


To put it simply, your tower is the visibility, achieve and presentation, both offline and online, which offer the beacon. This is actually all you do in order to proactively construct your personal brand. The greater you construct your tower together with your efforts, the greater visible you’ll be to potential career stakeholders. Here are a few methods to proactively construct your logo and credibility before your audience:

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