Strip Club Vs Gentlemens Club: How Different Are They

So, you are the best man saddled with the duty of rounding up the friends, old and new as well as family and those long-lost cousins for a proper bucks night party for your mate. First of all, you need to understand that there aren’t a lot of parties quite like this one. If you miss it up, you can end up regretting it for the rest of your entire life.  Bucks parties are meant to be memorable and you want to be that guy who knocked the ball out of the park in terms of organizing and overseeing the execution of such a party. Get it right, make it wild and your mate will love you forever.  Before we delve into the subject, there are a couple of things you should know. Hosting a bucks night party in a strip club is very different from hosting it at a gentlemens club Melbourne. Most people think these two are the same but nothing could be further from the truth:

Gentlemen’s clubs and strip clubs are worlds apart. Comparing these two would be like pitting bananas and oranges. They are fruit, but they are not the same fruit. There are a lot of differences from taste to texture. When it comes to comparing the two, consider:

The Entertainment

There are a lot of things you can enjoy when it comes to adult entertainment. If you are going to a gentlemens club Melbourne you might be looking for more than naked women dancing on stage or performing gravity defying moves down a stripper pole; the stripper pole, you might also enjoy the music or the vibe in the club. The name “Gentlemen club” by itself conjures classy, high-end service delivered by beautiful, highly trained dancers, so gentlemen’s clubs tend to be more cheeky. Strip club expectations aren’t as high.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere in gentlemen’s clubs is different than the one you would find in a strip club. If you’ve been to many strip clubs but have yet to experience a gentleman’s club, the difference might be jarring. Gentlemen’s clubs will wow you the minute you step in. You can expect luxurious furnishings, they are clean and comfortable, and the vibe is classy.

To keep the budget low, strip clubs tend to choose cheap décor. It may not look it, but with the right lighting you can disguise the worst stains and with enough mood and strobe lights you the furniture becomes unnoticeable. In no time, you’ll be mesmerized by the performance on stage.

The food

Strip clubs aren’t known for their food. The usual fare that you will get at strip clubs is your standard fast-food fare. Pair the tasteless burgers with room temperature and that is the only fuel you’ll get to get through the night. Gentlemen’s clubs are designed to give the best nighttime entertainment but food and drinks aren’t usually a priority. You can look forward to some nicer, gourmet food, some steaks, and a decent plate of chicken wings and succulent ribs. The drinks are diverse. You will get a selection of domestic and imported alcohol and champagne that’s a bit on the expensive side.

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