A printing business might be a good start for you:

In this constantly evolving and vastly growing world, you can see that businesses are increasing day by day. Everyone now wants to have their own business. These days, a startup is like a guitar, and every college student wants one. Now, there are also various opportunities emerged for other people as well.

If you can see clearly at the working processes of these businesses, you can find multiple options to provide value to them. The moment you start providing value to someone, you start earning. These opportunities are mainly based on the digital medium. If you are someone who likes art as well as not going geeky towards technology, a printing business might be the right fit for you. By starting a printing business, you are not only creating an earning medium for yourself. Various other people can Get print job [รับพิมพ์งาน, which is the term in Thai] because of you.

Be a specialist in what you offer:

Printing services are more of an umbrella term. There are various other departments that come under it. People get caught up in offering every service that comes under printing business. However, doing this might get the client away from you. Think of it as self-branding. For example, if you would experience a headache, you go to the market.

The chances are you would be looking for a medicine that specifically targets headache, rather than picking up a medicine that says it can work well for all kinds of pain. The same principle applies to the printing business as well. When you show yourself as someone who makes only the best brochures in the market, then every business that requires a brochure would be hiring you. However, to expand your business, you can hire other people who are good at what they do. Running your business this way would definitely create you much more profit.