Listing of Famous Entrepreneurs As Well As Their Ace In The Hole Time Management

Entrepreneurs have to possess certain fundamental skills like motivation, dedication, and innovation to be able to devise business strategies and direct these to realization. However, effective entrepreneurs need not only the straightforward of above pointed out assets.

This is a listing of 70 famous entrepreneurs who each grew to become very wealthy within their companies and particular industries:

1. Alvin Ailey – Dance (Alvin Ailey) Dance Theater

2. Mary Kay – Ash Cosmetics (Mary Kay)

3. P.T. Barnum – Entertainment (Barnum & Bailey)

4. Warren Bechtel – Construction

5. Shaun Bezos – Internet (Amazon . com)

6. Michael Bloomberg – Financial Information

7. Richard Branson – Several (Virgin)

8. Andrew Carnegie – Steel (US Steel)

9. Steve Situation – Internet (America Online)

10. Jim Clark – Internet (Netscape)

11. Michael Dell – Computers (Dell Computer)

12. Wally Disney – Entertainment

13. Ray Ellison – Software (Oracle)

14. Debbi Fields – Cookies (Mrs. Fields)

15. Jesse and Doris Fisher – Clothing (Gap Corporation.)

16. Ernest & Julio Gallo – Wine

17. Bill Gates – Software (Microsoft)

18. A. P. Giannini – Banking (Bank of the usa)

19. Wally Goodridge – Author

20. Leo Goodwin – Insurance (GEICO)

21. Craig Gordy – Music (Motown Records)

22. Joyce Hall – Handmade Cards (Hallmark)

23. William Randolph Hearst – Publishing (Hearst Newspapers)

24. Richard A. Henson – Airlines

25. Fernando Hernandez – Telecommunications (AT&T)

26. Milton Hershey – Chocolate

27. James J. Hill – Railroads (Great Northern Railway)

28. Wayne Huizenga – Sanitation (Waste Management)

29. Jobs – Computers (Apple)

30. Robert L. Manley – Broadcasting (BET)

31. John Manley – Publishing (Black)

32. Henry J. Kaiser – Healthcare (Kaiser Permanente)

33. Plant Kelleher – Airlines (Southwest)

34. Ray Kroc – Junk Food (Burger king)

35. Estee Lauder – Cosmetics

36. William Levitt – Housing

37. Henry Luce – Publishing (Time/Existence)

38. J. W. Marriott – Hospitality

39. Louis B. Mayer – Entertainment (MGM)

40. William McGowan – Telecommunications (MCI)

41. Scott McNealy – Computers (Sun Microsystems)

42. Judi Sheppard Missett – Fitness (Jazzercise)

43. Gordon Moore – Electronics (Apple)

44. Andrew Morrison – Web Publishing

45. Rupert Murdoch – Media

46. Pierre Omidyar – Internet (Ebay)

47. David Packard – Electronics (Hewlett-Packard)

48. William S. Paley – Broadcasting (CBS)

49. Ross Perot – Data Management (Electronic Data Systems)

50. Jay Pritzker – Hospitality (Hyatt)

51. Rob Roberts – Cable Television (Comcast)

52. John D. Rockefeller – Oil (Standard Oil)

53. Carlos Santana

54. David Sarnoff Broadcasting (NBC)

55. Howard Schultz – Coffee (Starbucks)

56. Charles Schwab – Discount Brokerage

57. Richard W. Sears Mail Order (Sears-Roebuck)

58. Russell Simmons – Music (Def Jam Records)

59. Fred Cruz – Shipping (Federal Express)

60. Charles C. Spaulding – Insurance

61. Gloria Steinem – Publishing (Ms)

62. Martha Stewart – Multimedia

63. Dave Thomas – Junk Food (Wendy’s)

64. Jesse Trump – Property

65. Ted Turner – Broadcasting (CNN)

66. Madam C. J. Master – Proper Hair Care

67. Mike Walton – Discount Retail (Wal-Mart)

68. Thomas Watson, Sr. – Computing (IBM)

69. Oprah – TV

70. Mal Emery – Australian Mailorder Uniform

Each one of these people become prosperous entrepreneurs as well as their success tales really are a lesson to understand from. These entrepreneurs didn’t start their venture that has a lot more intelligence or much more wealth. Indeed, all of them had the talent to maneuver on and were outfitted having a vision, dedication, commitment, inspiration and innovation.

But among the central factors that drove these to success was personal time management.

A typical individual has the capacity to achieve mediocre is a result of some allotted time however, a sensible entrepreneur helps make the most utilization of that point. He/she’s gifted having the ability to utilize time perfectly and also to obtain is a result of each and every minute spent.

They realize the need for every moment and strive to really make it useful.

Maximize Money and time

Effective entrepreneurs take certain steps that place them on the road to maximum productivity and profits.

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